Is Mise Daithí

OK, I may as well explain the username of daithidublin first. It seems to be the bit that most people have trouble with. That’s understandable. My name is David, though I’m most often called Dave. The Irish (for that is what I am), or gaelic version of David is Daithí.

Here’s a little guide to the pronunciation. First off, as with a lot of gaelic words, it’s useful to ignore the letters. You may find yourself reading them with English in mind and that would be a mistake, as you don’t pronounce the ‘th’ and it doesn’t begin like ‘day’. It begins just like the word Dot, but you take away the T and replace it with He – Dohe (not too slowly, but nice and quick-ly)

There you have it. Is mise Daithí. (That’s ‘Hiss’ without the ‘H’, – iss misha DoHe) Which translates as: I am David. That also happens to be the title of the first novel (by Anne Holm) that I read in school back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It’s the story of a 12 year old boy who escapes from a Nazi concentration camp in Bulgaria and walks to freedom in Denmark. A great boy’s adventure read, and one that I fell in love with at the time because I wasn’t far off the same age, and it had my name on the cover! (None of which tells you anything useful about me, I’m afraid)

Knowing my name doesn’t tell you an awful lot about me. Nor does knowing where I am from (Dublin).  For now, however, it’s pretty much all you’ve got to go on. If  that’s not enough, I’ll give you a very succinct description:

I like to: laugh, drink tea, discover my inner self, enjoy passive entertainment, make new things from old things, explore, enquire and create. I also hate football.

There. I hope that’s enough for you to be getting on with. In my Personal category on this blog I’ll try to flesh that out a little bit. You may need to read between the lines, but I tend to be honest about the things I feel.

Notice how I didn’t finish that sentence with the word strongly? That’s because I tend to be honest even about the things I feel weakly. Clear as mud? Tempted to find out more? You can always ask me…

  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Very well written lad. Really enjoyed the read.

    All the best in the future

    The Outlaw Joesy Wales

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